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GT650 / Re: GT650R 2016 30amp fuse, lights staying on!
« Last post by 2turbos on May 19, 2022, 11:31:16 PM »
Get a volt/ohm meter and start looking for a short in the wiring. see where there might be a completed circuit between the 30 amp fuse and the light circuit. Could be many places in the harness.
Mine was shorted between the ignition hot lead and adjacent 18 guage wires in the main harness. It happened because it was overheated when the previous owner tried to jump start the bike with a car battery.  I had to open up the main harness and replace the melted wires.
GT650 / GT650R 2016 30amp fuse, lights staying on!
« Last post by Jarrah777 on May 19, 2022, 05:35:04 AM »
Hi all, have blown a 30 amp fuse. Replaced the fuse and starts and runs no problem, however when the bike is turned off, the odomoter lights stay on, as does the tail light, remove the 30amp fuse and they go off again. All wiring around the ignition and harness look in order and having difficulty locating a mechanic with knowledge around this. Any tips appreciated.
GT250 / Another check in to praise my 2005 GT250 and fuel gauge question.
« Last post by invasifspecies on May 18, 2022, 03:02:08 PM »
I occasionally check in here to update anyone who cares about the current status of my 2004 GT 250. I own 4 other much fancier bikes and over the years have owned dozens of others and I really believe the GT250 to be highly underrated.

I have owned mine for about a 13 years, and I am ashamed to admit that I have put a grand total of about 40 hours of maintenance into this bike (i.e a MAYBE three hours a year), and yet, it continues to reward my gross neglect by running pretty much like the day I bought it. 

I generally abandon it every winter and don't do ANY of the storage steps that I should be doing (and generally DO perform for my more expensive but less reliable bikes) but sure enough, every spring I drain the old fuel out of the GT, fill her up with sea foam and let her sit for a day, drain her again, put new, clean fuel in and sometimes a new battery, and what do you know, she starts first time. After a quick few safety checks, she's ready to drive and asking where I want to go today.  First day of riding season I usually have to use her to go get parts and supplies for my other fancy-pants motorcycles that generally won't start for love nor money after 5 months of storage.

Admittedly I don't put a lot of miles on the GT - maybe 2000 km a year, but that bike is the essence of practical transportation. Easy to work on - happy to take cheap generic replacement parts from the local autoparts store if needed, totally adequate performance (especially for a 250, and especially on the freeway). It's my "go-to" bike for errands around town and I have lost count of the number of times I almost took one of my 1000 cc plus collectible monsters out for a ride, but then thought - "screw it... a bird will just shit on it ",  and then took the little GT instead, and probably had more fun and a lot less anxiety about reliability as I trust that little bike completely. 

The only issue I am seeings is that over time the electronic fuel gauge has gradually stopped working. Do I care? Honestly not really, but if anyone has any tips for an easy fix or replacement strategy I guess I might give it a try one day.

I can also foresee that eventually the cheap original exhaust will rust through and I will probably need to replace it. Anyone got suggestions and pictures for an economic after market solution?
GV650 / Re: Belt to chain
« Last post by Matt510 on May 09, 2022, 02:02:27 AM »
I have fitted a GT650 drive sprocket onto my GV650.. so splines must be the same?
GT250 / 2009 gt250 rear caliper help and suggestions
« Last post by RyanosComet86 on May 06, 2022, 01:26:52 PM »

Okay while ridding i noticed i was getting some vibration from the back and on inspection i noticed 1 of the pistons are seized up on my caliper not letting it retract and is demolished the disc, so im needing to replace the rear caliper and disc, problem is there seems to be a to of calipers that fit on ebay but look nothing like the 1 on the bike, does any 1 know where to get a quality replacment even possibly and upgraded caliper? Any help is much appreciated.

Ps. I got the naked model which has the single disc front on the left side of tire,  and i would like to get the right hand set to upgrade it to dual disc, any 1 got any experince in attempting this?
Pictures / Re: OFFICIAL HYOSUNG/UM Owner's Pictures, Mods, & Equipment
« Last post by tom74 on May 01, 2022, 09:13:40 PM »
Here are the latest current photos. I have completed a long-term project and my adventure with gv 650 is coming to an end. I have traveled a piece of the world on this motorcycle since I bought it in the showroom in 2008 (over 51,000 km), basically without any major problems. I will always have fond memories of hyosung.  Time for a new owner ...

GT250 / Re: In need of a R/R for a 2009 gt250carby model
« Last post by 2turbos on April 19, 2022, 03:26:42 PM »
Don't know for sure but Roadster cycle  has a plug and play replacement for the 650. It's a Shendigen. It may work on the 250 as well.
GT250 / In need of a R/R for a 2009 gt250carby model
« Last post by RyanosComet86 on April 19, 2022, 06:08:59 AM »

Ive seen alot of people swapping out rect for the hyosung but im having trouble sourcing 1, what model bikes can i swap with or can some 1 point me in the right direction to a quality regulator and rectifier for these hyo gt250 carb models?
Korider Cafe / Re: New hyosung rider
« Last post by Vorizo on April 12, 2022, 05:55:36 PM »
Hi there! Interesting question, unfortunately, I don't know how to do it but I also heard that there are people who can hit around 100 kph. Personally I have  2004 Hyosung aquila gv250 in a garage of my property in Spain, waiting for better weather to drive it around more often.
GT650 / Arrêt moteur 650 fi 2012
« Last post by Pat du 13 on April 03, 2022, 03:09:36 PM »
Bonjour, je souhaiterai avoir votre avis.j'ai restauré Cette 650 .
J'ai remplacé le stator le régulateur et réparé le faisceau .les fils ont surchauffe entre le pont de diode 1 , le sensor Gear position et la béquille , j'ai tout remplacé c'est neuf. Quand j'ai récupéré la moto les fils du sensor Gear étaient coupes et pour la béquille le pion de contact était absent. Aujourd'hui la moto démarre bien et accélère bien lorsque je suis sur le neutre. Quand je passe la première le moteur se coupe, pourquoi ? Merci de votre aide