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GT650 / Re: Battery Or RR?
« Last post by Death666wish_ on April 05, 2021, 04:20:02 PM »
Just like a car, a bike with the battery removed should still be able to run.

That your bike dies when the battery removed indicates that something is wrong.

If you like, I can visit a local wrecking yard here and find you a used Shindengen reg/rec from a Yamaha or a Kawasaki litre bike. I know the owner so it won’t cost a lot. There’s also a forum member who sells kits featuring brand new Shin regs. Message LX_SS for info.
Thank you, but I prefer to go with new almost for everything I buy :D I was planning on getting the roadstercycle one, what's the difference between it and the kit LX sells? If his kit comes with a connector ready so I can plug and play with no wiring shenanigan that would be better for my taste!

Also what's with the white site? Black was better for my eyes lol
Machines For Sale / '05 650R throttles
« Last post by makenzie71 on April 05, 2021, 04:11:28 PM »
They aren't pretty but they came off a running bike.  They have been sitting on the shelf for a year so it's highly advisable you pull the bowls and give them a good once over.  $100 shipped.

Korider Cafe / Yearly drop in
« Last post by newbymick on April 04, 2021, 09:41:13 PM »
Well, my once a year drop in has a few surprises.  Firsty, surprised that this forum is still going strong, secondly, it is still a valuable resource for Hyosung owners and thirdly, there are a number of new members waiting for approval.  Are there any admins viewing new member applications.

Other than that...nothing new to report from me other than I can no longer ride a motorcycle due to health reasons and ... My last bike was a Harley  :)

Liking the new look by the way.  Big thumbs up to that one.
GT650 / Re: Loom/ECU question and CHE light
« Last post by extermin8tor on April 03, 2021, 04:46:58 AM »
Thanks. Yeah I've got the new coils coming on tuesday.
They are short (55mm wide) and have 2 pins.
I verified the bike cranks and sparks.

I have to drop the new coils in and connect the fuel tank, then hopefully its Go Go time :)

I had to get a quick release fitting from china for the fuel line which the last owner needlessly removed.
Pictures / Re: My GV650
« Last post by usmcobra on April 01, 2021, 09:02:03 PM »
A year later and it's still going strong. I've just realised I've owned this longer than any bike I've ever owned.

Hyosungs can have that effect on people.

I am on my second one.

The first was a 2007 GT650R, I sold it in 2017 and my present one is a 2007 GV650 I bought after selling the first one.
General / Re: EFI Diagnostics
« Last post by xuraax on April 01, 2021, 06:45:07 PM »
whilst surfing the net I stumbled upon an ECU hacker software which appears to target the Delphi MT05 ECU.My GT250 from 2013 has precisely this unit.

After that I searched this site to see if anyone else has experimented with it. This led to the above entry on this topic which appears to have been written by the software author himself.

The documentation provided by Elmue appears very good and so does the software. I have build up a home made K-Line Adapter using an existing usb to Rs232 converter and the suggested 2 transistor interface. Offline this seems to be working fine.

Before I risk connecting to the bike itself has anybody else experimented with this software? I would hate to damage the ECU whilst experimenting.

yeah I don't get on here much either any more. been flippin bike left and right this year. so far 13 bikes flipped.  3 in the hole almost ready to go.
thats keepin me pretty busy plus FB has tons of groups and very active.

to the OP sorry to hijack your Thread.
Joss holding down the fort around here. hahahahaha
Whats up buddy

 ;D All good here, how about you?

Not seen umop-ǝpisdn for a good while, hope hes ok.
GT650 / Re: Loom/ECU question and CHE light
« Last post by UNdocab on March 30, 2021, 03:53:00 AM »
Okay turned out neutral switch plugged into wrong spot.

It's got neutral. It's passed the startup check.
Seems to be sparking fine.

Just have to wait till my new coils come.

Big coils are for older model (carby and sentec ECU), newer models(Daewoo,Delphi) use different coils.
Look like your problem is ignition coils.
For the newer models, CHE stays on the dashboard till the bike run. its normal
Joss holding down the fort around here. hahahahaha
Whats up buddy