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PLEASE READ THIS FIRST - So whats this all about

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It's about one place where people can post about none OEM parts that they have found that fit Hyosungs.  

I noticed that members were posting all over the place about bits a pieces that they have used to mod their bikes and I thought it was about time that someone collated these useful bits of information in one place.  

I know that there is a mods and parts section on the home page but, who goes there.  It should also make searching out parts and mods easier.  It is also intended to include "How Too" posts and video's so that we don't have to constantly post "Use the search button" when noobs ask about such things.

As I will keeping an eye out for these sort of posts and moving them here (including searching out old posts) it would be appreciated if, when you see something that you feel needs to be moved here, you can PM me with the forum section and post name.  

It is hoped that eventually this forum will form a useful database of parts that can be sourced from other manufacturers, including the Big 4 or other exotics, that fit our bikes.    

So if you have found a part that fits our bikes, have a or found a "How Too" or even something that will fit after modding, PM me or post it here.  Include any links to manufacturers or suppliers if you can and include any alterations that you have made to make it fit.  Photo's would be good.

Disclaimer time - any non OEM part, modified part, "How Too" instruction or recommendation included in this thread is not endorsed by Korider as safe or deemed fit for purpose.  

If there isn't an appropriate thread already existing, start one and I'll move things if anything is duplicated or appears to be in the wrong place.

Enough for now - start getting the info to me

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