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gt650 reliability

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Hey guys I've been lurking around here for several months now and have learned alot about hyosungs. I'm looking to buy a bike this winter and the hyosung gt250r and gt650r are high on my list. On another forum i've heard that the 650s have had some engine issues. I've searched on this forum but i can't find much about the 650's reliability. Whatever i buy will be my first bike. I'm goin to buy a new bike but i'm looking for something thats fairly bulletproof and that is reliable. So if you've had issues with the 650's enigne i'ld like to hear about it. likewise if you've had good experiences with it i'ld like to hear from you too. thanks guys.

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I'm so glad I got the GT650R, tons of fun to ride and it's been reliable so far!
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4500kms and no issues so far. The only minor issue I had with my 2009 model was scoring on the rear disc due to the stock brake pads.

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done about 11000kms on an 08 model....only issue so far - reg/rec unit smoked

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13,000km on a 06 (bought as demo nfrom shop this year 300km beginning of year) so I can't complain besides rear disc is crap. Needs new tires and the breaks getting done as well.

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The 06 and earlier models had some pretty major issues. But after that they seem OK. The 650's only been around since 04 and as the first 2 years were dodgy I'm not sure about bullet-proof yet...

By the way 04 650cc 50,000kms 2 head, pistons, and barrels, and one gear box... YMMV

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06 GT650R almost 13,000Kms done all my own servicing, no engine problems. A little rust in rear brake master cylinder but cleaned up easily with a 2000 wet'n'dry.
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06 650R 17000kms

Replaced fuel filter = $3.00

That is all.
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07 GT650  12,000km  - replaced battery
Western Australia

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'09 GT650R with 4200 kms - I've ridden it like i stole it from day dot and haven't brocken anything.....yet....   8)
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