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Charging system upgrade _ UPDATED June 29 2011

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Just a word of caution regarding the Electrosport stator, ESG112: http://www.electrosport.com/street-bikes/hyosung/gv650-gv650/stator-hyosung-gt650-st7-06-on.html

**** This may only apply to my year and model, but a quick check makes me think most of the years and models share parts for the stator and cover****

I have an 06 GV650 and this part has a flaw. The bracket on the back of the stator that holds the wiring is positioned too close to the centre. Also, the wiring sections for inside the housing are too long by almost 2 inches.

OEM stator

Notice the gap of 3-4mm between the centre hole and the base of the bracket? This allows space for the cover's base.

The cover

Notice the base width? Look to the flat section that the mounting holes are in. It's 3-4mm in width. (guestimating, I didn't measure. Don't need to till I figure out what to do. :P )

Electrosport ESG112

See how the space between the screw head and the base of the bracket to the centre hole is much less than what is required?

To make the ESG112 fit I either need to
a. remove that bracket altogether and leave the wiring loose,
        - it's stiff enough but I don't know if it MUST remain separated from the body, maybe someone else knows if this would be safe or not? It would be an easy fix
b. cut and grind out a chunk of the cover for the offending screw and metal plate to fit or
c. remove half of the head of the screw and the bracket underneath, which likely won't leave enough for it to be secure, might vibrate loose and wreck the gears.

I'll be sending an email to Electrosport tomorrow. They might have an easy fix. Once I know I will post.

Regardless, as I mentioned, the wiring, from stator to rubber seal, is too long by almost 2 inches!!
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