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Some questions answered

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Questions everyone has about the TE450; answered right here.

LTZ400 front bumper will bolt on. You may have to bend the mount tabs on the bumper slightly as the welds differ on the TE450 frames.

LTZ400 upper a-arm will bolt on, however the lower will not.

TE450 engine will not just bolt in to the LTZ400 frame. The curve of the frame starting at the foot peg mounts on the LTZ400 is different. Thus allowing the back part of the engine to hit the linkage mount. (the same frame area on the T450 is flatter before curving up)
Also, the lower front/right mount is moved up some on the TE450 frame. This would be an easy fix with a different bracket though.

LTZ400 swingarm will not bolt into TE450 frame. The rear linkage mounts are different on the frame and swingarm (LTZ400 smaller)
Also the LTZ400 swingarm is more narrow at the frame mount.

LTZ400 front shocks will bolt on.

LTZ400 rear shock will bolt on with slight modifaction to top shock mount on frame. (grinding some material from shock mount)

TRX450 a-arms do not work.

(update) TRX450 rear shock will not bolt in. After having the link shimmed up to fit the shock and fitting the top part of the shock in the frame, I've found the spring is too big to clear the swingarm.
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