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Thats precisely why I'd want one. Take it for a mess around with friends, pick it up out of a few ditches and carry it home.

Some of the BBK's around for them you can reach silly speeds for a bike that small.. claims of roughly 90mph on a 183cc. Again, very easy to get hold of parts.

The light/small nature i was more putting into question with riding/parking then its not there when you get back. I don't deny the fun and excited behind that.

Given the bike thefts going on lately, it doesnt matter what size/weight you ride, if they want it, its gone. I could have a ton weight sat in it, it wont stop it being pushed away.

The BBK's for groms make them interesting. Certainly can go from 9hp to 19hp with the right setup. Tho its costly(you can spend 2k on having the bbk setup right, bbk itself + forged crank/rods + fuel management and fuel items, all adds up) and your still limited by the 4 speed gearbox. I know you can get 5 speeds for them but the ratios in 4th/5th are both the same so no real gain unless radical sprocket changes.

Tbh i'd rather go out and just buy a KTM Duke 200, very similar bike to the grom and already 200cc.

I like building something my own, so all of the above would appeal to me rather than a stock bike. My idea of owning one is just a laugh around machine, there would be no work or commuting to friends. Either way, it would still be cheaper than a 250cc 'sung and more reliable.

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