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08 gt250r wont start by itself.

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As of today I have added new spark plugs, cleaned the gas tank, cleaned the carbs, and yesterday I removed the carbs again. Issues with the bike are these: I bought the bike a few weeks back and PO hadn't started it in 5 yrs so there was rust in gas tank, which i cleaned and removed, and then a week ago after some difficulty I actually got it running and was able to turn it fully off and on maybe 5-10 times and that was all in a 2 day period. On the 3rd day I didn't get to work on it so it wasn't started at all. 4th day I go to try to turn it on and it just makes that whir sound when it tries to start but it just won't "catch." Thats when I decided it was time for new spark plugs, which didn't make a difference, and then after that a carb clean. After I reinstalled it it wouldn't turn on without  starter fluid/carb cleaner. When I added carb cleaner for 1-2 seconds sprays, it would rev really high around 5-7k rpm and then eventually die after a few seconds. I took the carbs out again to maybe clean them some more and they looked really dirty again. Someone told me that their bike wouldn't start without starter fluid and with it it would also rev really high and then die. He told me it was due to the air/fuel mixture screws. I couldn't find them on my 250r so can anyone help me get this bike running? Someone told me this bike doesn't have a air/fuel screw so would it matter if i put those jets and needles in too tight or loose?

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