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My Take on GD250R vs. GT250R

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I had a GT250R around 2008 which I got a few years after my Ninja250 died. I can't remember if it was FI or Carb and I put a screaming demon exhaust on it. The bikes seat height was taller than that of the Ninja which was not good for me as I am shorter so holding at stops were more difficult.

The V-twin was nice as compared to the parallel twin and I liked the way the bike handled. The inverted forks were great and as the bike was larger (same frame as 650) most people mistook for a 600cc bike. Back then 600 class bikes were not as compact as they are now. I later lowered the bike by using a 2" lowering bone. I did not have a chance to lower the front before the bike was totaled in a crash.

Years later my next bike was a 2014 Ninja 300 which I sold then got a 2016 KTM RC390. I then added a 2018 BMW G310GS and now a 2017 GD250R. Namely got the Hyosung as I like the old GT250R and wanted to get back on the brand that I crashed. Picked up the bike at a great price 1,995 + 230.00 prep and doc. Color: Grey/Black

Unless you are a taller person with an inseam of 32" or so I would not recommend getting the taller and heavier GT250R.

The GD250R is smaller and lighter and even though it is a single cylinder vs the GT's twin, it is more nimble and handles better. It also has a 6-speed gearbox vs. the GT's 5-speed. The styling is much racier and the bike is more advanced. Since it is smaller and lighter it makes a much better starter bike than its heavier brother (unless you are taller). Power delivery is fairly smooth and linear with no jolts. This is not a bike that will overpower you, in other words, a misguided flick of the wrist will not cause you to lose control or send you off the road. Throttle is easy to manage at low speeds for practice maneuvers. While you will not out power a Ninja 250/300/400 or Yamaha R3 or KTM RC390, you should be able to hold you own or win against the other 250s (incl. GT250R) and the Honda 300.

Keep in mind that most people can't even ride a 250 to its potential. This bike is great for building your skill level and confidence. It also makes a good track day bike. Another reason I got the bike was because I modded out my RC390 with a Yoshimura dual carbon fiber RS-9 exhaust, open airbox with K&N filter and a PC5 with a race mapping and now, while the bike is more powerful and can wheelie in first without use of clutch just by throttle off-on, it is twitchy at lower speeds making it tough to practice lower speed maneuvers.

In short, the lighter weight and nimbleness of the GD250R makes it a better choice than the GT250R.

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