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Hyosung GT250R 2013 - Green under body lighting

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Thought I'd share what my bike (GT250R) looks like with some green LEDs under the fairings. I tried some cheap RGB LEDs initially but colour accuracy and vibrancy was quite poor, so I went and bought some just green LEDs.

None of the individual LED's are visible from the outside, all light is bounced toward the engine and reflected out. This was done for aesthetic reasons, not for legal purposes (As I'm not sure they're legal at all regardless if the individual LEDs are directly visible or not, hard to find a reliable answer regarding this).

Currently the total length of LED strip installed is 0.8m. the LED strip is 4Watts per metre when run at 12v.
The photos below are from a long exposure photo and hence it doesn't actually glow that well in real life. Also there's a bit of a breeze hence the camera shake/blurriness.

Thinking of adding some lights under the tail but don't want the individual LEDs to be visible.

Edit, does inserting images from google drive work? I think I've followed the instructions listed here: http://korider.com/index.php?topic=48.0
But it didn't work.

Pictures are located in the following links for now:

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