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Brake upgrade :- Step by Step How-to Guide

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Things youll need:
Buy some decent 2nd hand CBR600RR F4 - 4 pot calipers
get some 6mm steel plate
stiff card (not corrigated).
4 x Cap head M8 x 1.25 bolts 30mm long
4 x 1.5mm thick stainless M8 washers
one Hyosung GT650 with crappy standard brakes.
Upgraded braided brakelines (optional)
Brake fluid & bleeding syringe
Basic Tools + angle grinder , drills and M8 x 1.25 taps

  • Step 1: while theyre off, strip and clean the new calipers, including pulling out the pistons and cleaning the seals and seal grooves. use new seals if u wish, but rebuild ready for use.
  • Step 2: Take your GT650, and remove standard calipers from fork legs (leave attached to brake lines to save making a mess)

  • Step 3: tape a length of 2-2.5mm thick electrical wire around the rim of your brake disk. This gives you clearance so your disks dont eat the new calipers.
  • Step 4: Templating.... using the old caliper mount bolts, punch two holes in the edge of some card, using the fork leg holes as a punch die. you can then place the card on the wheel side of the forks and wind the bolts into the card to locate. you can now slide the new caliper over the disk(and the wire) and bit by bit cut the card where it gets in the way of the caliper. you want to end up with the caliper very close to the fork leg, but not actually touching. Sharpen a old M8 bolt and wind into the new caliper bolt holes to act as a centerpoint marker for the new holes. it should look lomething like this.

  • Step 5: Fabricating.... once you have your CAD (cardboard aided design) template, its time to transfer it to the steel plate, drill and tap the holes. You should end up with one of these with 4 tapped holes

  • Step 6: Remove wire and Make sure it fits!!! (both forks and calipers bolt holes)

  • Step 7: If everything look good, duplicate it (much easier then starting over from scratch for the otherside)

  • Step 8: DRILL the calipers threaded holes to 8MM. Best to use a pillar drill and use 7 then 7.5 then 8mm drills. Assemble with the washers between the plates and the calipers. (This centers the calipers to the disk. If yours are somehow different you can alter the thickness of the washer. on my calipers i did find that there was a little "nub" that interfered with the fit of the washer, so i ground it flush) Cut bolt length FLUSH to the plate. Important that it not stick out or it catches the disk buttons when mounted.

  • Step 9 : Dissassemble & Paint plates.....Reassemble when paint its fully dry & Behold your new bolt on Brake mod!

  • Step 10: Bolt your new calipers onto the bike, bleed the brakes up, and go out for a ride to bed the pads in.

  • Step 10.5 : addendum.... Grab yourself a beer, you deserve it!

You will find the brakes MUCH MUCH more progressive and predictable, and less effort needed to operate the brake lever

for those that need a starting point: heres my CAD and attempted transfer to photoshop template.

measurements are in mm

If admin could sticky this and make the pictures more permanent, that would be awesome ;)
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