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which side of the ignition coil is positive?

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Hi all , hope someone can help me out. I am trying to find out which side of my ignition coils are positive and which are negative on my GV650 Aquila EFI. I have attached an image of each coil. the wiring diagram does not reference +ve or -ve . One coil has a green connector with a blue/white lead (rear coil) and the other coil (front) also has a green connector but with a black/white lead. They both have an orange lead as the other lead to each coil. The coils themselves do not have any markings to indicate +ve or -ve.  Can anyone help out as to which is which? My hunch is the orange wires are shared positive. Can anyone confirm if i am correct?
The first pic is the front coil and the second pic is the back coil.

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