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Vacumm Fuel Pump

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I am bringing this matter up again...I think I am because Im sure Ive brought it up before,  but it has to do with a fuel issue with my GV250. It has been going on for a couple of years and I have taken it to my mechanic but after many $$$, they couldn't find anything wrong. I even have taken the steps to look for any problems, even though I had little mechanical knowledge but thinking about recently, it gave me a new approach.

What happens is that I fill up the tank (ie 14L) and I monitor how many Kms I am doing. By around 190kms, I begin to pay attention because anytime from now until 220-230 kms it will start to splurt, backfire and eventually act like I have no fuel left therefore I turn to my reserve tank and keep going. But 12Ls should be more than 230kms... So I might just risk it for another 30kms even though I know that I should have at least another 4Lts...Which I have checked by emptying the tank to measure how much fuel I had left when I need to switch to the reserve and it's been around 4-5 Lt. Obviously I have 'run' out of fuel when I still have plenty in the tank so I wont risk it happening when I'm not near a servo.

So it happened again a few days ago as normal. I then I think that maybe it all works well when the tank is full but once theres 1/4 left, it just doesn't have the pressure to push the fuel to the carb. This is me talking like an on mechanic. So i then go to my online GV250 Manual and look up fuel pump and find this photo to that I will upload. I will also upload a photo I took of my bikes pump which is totally different from what I see on the manual. Perhaps that;s an EFI Fuel Pum because I have a Vacuum fuel pump but the one on the manual looks like an electronic version for a later model. Mine is a 2007 GV250
If anyone can understand fuel systems, please Take a look at the picture I took of my bikes fuel pump and you may need to zoom in to see what I wrote and where there is a hose coming out and where there isn't a hose coming out of. I think there's something wrong where there is no in or out connection BUT the bike still works and there isn't any lose hoses of fuel spilling on the ground. I appreciate any responses and I will also place this thread on the GV250 just in case there is someone with some knowledge that wouldn't frequent on this section, so I hope the mods don't mind. Thank you

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