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2012 GV650 - Clutch Switch affects DAEWOO ECU ?

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good morning everyone,

after 6 years looking for a better running on the 2012 GV650 engine - Daewoo ECU - I identified that the "clutch switch" was always in the "Clutch in" position. which never prevented the engine from starting, never generated a fault code, but always kept the bike in "normal" operation until I confirmed the irregular functioning of the "clutch switch". Result after maintenance: the engine started to run better. There are a few videos exemplifying why you shouldn't do the clutch switch by-pass, one of them made by Teeriver on youtube, which I saw many years ago, but I never suspected a problem. Other mentions are found in the GSX forums, which report that the lack of the clutch switch signal affects changing gear maps and other maps in the ECU.

Does anyone know specifically what the clutch switch signal does on the ECU of the hyosung GV650? Because in practice I've already evidenced the difference in functioning, but in theory I still don't and I don't even know how to check it out.

So, don't do clutch switch by-pass!!

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